We understand that many of you will have questions about the conference. Here are some that we've been able to collect and answer right here.

When is the 20th anniversary of the NHSA conference?

The National Haitian Students Association will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the National Haitian Students Conference in Spring 2018. More information coming soon.

Who should attend the conference?

The Haitian Student Conference is open to any students who have an interest in the Haitian culture (i.e. Haitians, non-Haitians, professionals, graduate, and undergraduate students).

What does the registration fee covers?

Coverage for the 20th annual of the National Haitian students conference varies based on your selected package. See the different packages for more information.

How much is the conference?


What are the payment methods?

Current payment methods are check, credit or debit card.

Is the conference schedule available?

Detailed information for the 2018 conference, including sessions, workshops and master classes, will be posted on our website as they are confirmed. Check back again for an update.

Can I invite friends or family members?

Yes, you can invite as many people as you would like, including friends and family members.

Who should I contact for questions?

Contact the conference committee via nhsainc@gmail.com or 202-681-4701.