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Are you a student and still not sure how to prepare and participate in the upcoming presidential election? We have you covered. Are you aware of the necessary steps prior to voting?


This page was created as part of our WapVote initiative to serve as a guidance to students of Haitian descent and to provide educational materials with regard to the upcoming 2020 US Presidential election.

About the WapVote Initiative

This initiative is to bring awareness to the 2020 US Presidential election to student of Haitian descent in the US. The goal is to to educate our student community and the Haitian community about Civic engagement which relates to:

  • Voting

  • Voting during the covid-19 crisis,

  • Early voting

  • Voter registration

  • And employment as a poll worker.

  • The clock is ticking. Did you know that early voting have already started? Ou vote deja? Are you ready to vote? Eske W'ap vote? As

  • There are multiple important dates that you have to be aware of depending on the state that you are from. Click on the calendar icon to check these dates and prepare yourself.

Go Vote Flyers
Your vote, your voice.
Eske Wap Vote?

Notice: As a nonprofit organization, we are a nonpartisan entity; which means we do not endorse candidates or political parties. This initiative should be executed on all platforms as a means to educate the students and community about Civic engagement.

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