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Welcome message from the chairman


Welcome to the National Haitian Student Conference website.


The National Haitian Student Conference is a cultural platform powered by NHSA, Inc. since 1998, that highlights the engagement, development, and impact of students of Haitian descent. Year after year, the conference committee has crafted the conference platform to challenge students of Haitian descent to explore their full potential as leaders within their surrounding communities. 

After five years of no conference activities, I am beyond excited that we are bringing back this cultural phenomenon. Moreover, with the hosting Haitian student group being Planet Kreyol at the University of Miami, we are doing so with an added twist. Being excited is an understatement knowing what’s in store for you all. This year’s conference is a great opportunity for students and alumni to join and learn what we have been working on for the past few years. 

We have an exciting agenda planned for you with an all-new campaign and initiatives for Haitian students. This is your chance to experience a unique opportunity to learn more about our plans, be involved, and contribute to the next phase of the organization. I look forward to seeing you all at this year’s conference.

Together, let's make history and create a brighter future for Haitian students!

Stervens Pauleus

Chairman, Board of Directors

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