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National Haitian Students Conference

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Why Should I Participate In This Conference?

For the students who come to the National Haitian Student Alliance Conference, the experience is packed with the type of cultural and educational occurrences that is life-changing.

What to expect?

Leadership is at the center of the conference experience. Most students walk away extremely inspired ready to apply the information they have learned as well as nurture the bonds they have created.

Our students' community.

The collective energy the students display at the conference is phenomenal, from the unique chant of each school to the slogans that differentiate them one from another, the creativity is incredible. But that's not all, students attendees are leaders in their schools and are serious scholars, who are fully submerged in their school's cultures.

It is an amazing sight to witness the quality of students who attend the national conference. You will not want to miss the 20th anniversary. We are inviting you to come to experience the culture crafted by students of Haitian descent within the American culture at the National Haitian Students Conference.

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